Frank Patterson

DTA Contributor

Frank Patterson volunteers his time to make his community better in numerous ways. Patterson, of Aurora, helped launch Music Monday at Culture Stock. He also volunteers for the Aurora Public Library.

Patterson interviewed Don Picton and Javi Terrazas for Downtown Auroran Magazine.

Kate Purl

DTA Recipe Guru

Kate Purl lives in Aurora, and she runs the blog The Reluctant Hippie. Purl’s recipes are simple favorites that can be used time and time again. A teacher by trade, Purl busies herself with several activities including being the mom of Maggie and Joe.

Tony Scott

DTA Editor

Copy editor Tony Scott’s full-time job is a reporter for the Kendall County Record and Ledger-Sentinel newspapers covering Yorkville, Oswego and Montgomery. A native of Wisconsin, Tony is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University. He enjoys spending time with his cats and record collection, and a book that he’s been working on for the past five years. He is always up for a good time, and will recommend a new band to you whether you like it or not.

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