Thanks for your interest in Downtown Auroran Magazine. We are currently offering ads on our website only. If you are interested in print ads, then please email us so we can contact you the next time we go to print.
If you would like to put an ad on our website, then you can send the photo file ad anytime. A logo that we can link to your website works best. See our current sidebar for examples.

Website ad rates:

Businesses located outside of a Fox River downtown:

$75/3 months
$125/6 months
$240/1 year

Businesses located within a Fox River downtown:

$60/3 months
$100/6 months
$180/1 year
Fox River downtowns: Downtown Aurora, downtown Batavia, downtown Geneva, downtown Oswego and downtown Montgomery.
Email for details.
Your ad dollars do more than just advertise. They help support local art and culture.
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