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Summer 2009 — only available in print (Artist: Cheryl Holz)

Fall 2009 (Artist: Maureen Gasek)

Winter 2010 (Artist: Jen Evans)

Spring/Summer 2010 (Artist: Fernando Medina)

Extra online Spring/Summer 2010 edition with the Downtown Dozen: Click here!

Fall/Winter 2010-2011 (Artist: Lisa Gloria)

Spring 2011 (Artist: Gideon Haynes IV)

Summer 2011 (Artist: Jaime Torraco)

Fall/Winter 2011-2012 (Artist: Tim Burns)

Spring 2012 (Artist: Mike Mancuso)

The Pizza Issue ~ Summer 2012 (Artist: Lisa Manning)

Fall/Winter 2012-2013 (Artist: Cassidy Alexander)

The Women Issue ~ Spring 2013  (Artist: Anne Von Ehr)

The Bicycle Issue ~ Summer 2013 (Artist: Javi)

Fall/Winter 2013 (Artist: Cers)

The Music Issue ~ Spring 2014 (Artist: John Heinz)

The Best of Aurora ~ Summer 2014 (Artist: Roz Anomaly)

best cover

Cover by Mike Mancuso

Holiday Guide ~ Fall/Winter 2014 (Artist: Don Picton)

Downtown Auroran COVER fall 2014

Cover by Mike Mancuso

Fashion Issue ~ Spring 2015 (Artist: Lita Lu)

Spring 2015 Issue 18

Cover by Chris Evans

The Non-Profit Issue ~ Summer 2015 (Artist: Gerardo R. Madrigal)

DTA Summer 2015

Cover by Mike Mancuso. Photo by Cloud Foto.

The Preservation Issue ~ Fall 2015 (Artist: Kit Sunderland)

Downtown Auroran Fall 2015

Cover by Mike Mancuso

The Mayor Issue ~ Winter 2016 (Artist: Domingo Parada)

DTA Winter 2016 Aurora

Cover concept by Marissa Amoni. Executed by Mark Allen.

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